Center for the Inner Path

By John Ernst on

The Center for the Inner Path is intended to be a meditation and yoga center in the city of Agoura at a location easily accessible to the general public.

Unlike many Centers that seem to be open just a few days per week, we envision the Center for the Inner Path open every day and vibrant with a variety of activities. Among the planned activities include Sunday Service, meditation, hatha and classical yoga training, spiritual life counseling, healing prayer services, special events, lively kirtans and a unique World Brotherhood Choir.

We expect to offer kirtans at least twice a month and to host nationally and internationally known kirtan leaders. The World Brotherhood Choir will invite interested singers to join us in learning uplifting spiritual music from a variety of faiths. It is not meant to be only a Sunday Service choir but rather one that will share its music in a variety of venues throughout the area.

One might expect, as a disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda, that I would want to share Yogananda’s teachings exclusively. My sincere understanding, however, is that my Guru wishes me to share the essence of yoga and the universality of its teachings and to do so by sharing the teaching of various yogic masters and religious disciplines. In this way we seek to honor the diversity of God’s wondrous plan on Earth.

Note: The name of this project may change. Recognizing that some people are not interested in anything that deals with a church we may consider such names as Center for the Inner Path or Agoura Yoga and Meditation Center.


1. People interested in developing this concept.



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