Inner Path – Los Angeles (An Overview)

By John Ernst on

As mentioned in the previous entry (A Little History) there are a number of projects that encompass the work in Los Angeles. It took some time for the ideas to formulate and the proper location to be found. For those who know Los Angeles you might agree that it is a rare occasion to find 5 contiguous properties for sale in a semi-rural area of Los Angeles. That’s where most of these projects are expected to be located, in Agoura, in a beautiful wooded canyon.

In totality the projects represent the development of a community of yoga. At the same time, however, they should also be considered as separate but interrelated projects. Listed below is a brief introduction to each. A broader description will be offered soon.

Five Contiguous Projects:

World Brotherhood Center – An inspiring ashram and meditation center with beautiful gardens, each of which honors one of the major world religions.

One World Community – A small cooperative community for those who practice yoga, meditation and a yogic lifestyle.

Triunfo Health and Yoga Retreat – A retreat center emphasizing yoga, meditation and a healing lifestyle.

Education for Life School – A private school that emphasizes character and consciousness development as well as academic excellence.

Seva House – A transitional house providing life skill development and yoga and meditation training to young adults.

Other Projects in the Area:

Church of the Inner Path – A yoga and meditation center.

Prayer Mountain – A pilgrimage mountain top with an inspiring view of the ocean and horizon.

Projects through Rajarshi Social Enterprises:

Whole Life Shopping Center – A shopping center with all the services you need to maintain a sattvic lifestyle.

One World Communities – Apartment and neighborhood  communities for those who practice yoga and meditation.

One World Retirement and Hospice Center – A sattvic place for the aged and those nearing transition.

Education for Life Schools – Private schools that emphasizes character and consciousness development as well as academic excellence.



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