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By John Ernst on

As you might recall from the introductory post, Inner Path Los Angeles (An Overview). I noted that there are 5 pieces of property along Triunfo Canyon Road that are all contiguous to one another. They total about 140 acres in all and each has the same, beautiful year-round creek running through it. It’s anticipated, that once they are owned and developed, one will be able to walk on pathways along the entire length of the 5 properties.

Next door to the proposed World Brotherhood Center is a 22 acre parcel that years ago used to be a group house. Now called Villa Triunfo it has been developed into a facility for weddings and special events. The property includes about 9 buildings and 9 bedrooms and would be suitable for development as a small spiritual community. Our intention as noted in the Overview, is to develop it as a community for those who practice meditation and yoga. It will probably have its own meditation and yoga studio, but due to its proximity, one would also easily be able to meditate and attend other events in the Temple at the World Brotherhood Center.

This One World Community project on Triunfo Canyon Road is just one of many spiritual communities we hope to develop. Most of the others will be under the auspices of Rajarshi Social Enterprises, which is also mentioned in the Overview.

“Why are communities such as this important?” one might ask. Yogananda stated that “Environment is stronger then will power.” He also suggested that students develop communities such as this where “high thinking and simple living” are predominant.

If we are serious about our effort to develop spiritually, we must realize the great pull of the world to maintain a materialistic lifestyle. By living together in an uplifting and sattvic environment, we enhance and support our effort for a more spiritual life. This is not mere wishful thinking. Spiritual communities do in fact provide an important lifestyle for the spiritual seeker. One need only look at the example of the numerous Ananda communities in California, Oregon, Washington and throughout the world, to bear witness to their success.

Whereas the Ananda communities are created specifically for the benefit of disciples of Paramhansa Yogananda, the One World Communities are intended for a broader group of truth seekers, seeking as the only common theme, a practice of yoga and meditation and a serious interest in spiritual growth.


1. Financial assistance (direct investments and loans) to purchase the property. (The organizational structure of the One World Community will probably be a privately held Limited Liability Company [LLC] and operated similar to a condominium.)

2. Interest from those who may wish to be residents for this or other One World Communities.


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