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The life skills we hope to instill in young children through the Education For Life school are useful tools for anyone. They are of particular importance, however, for teenagers and young adults as they venture out on their own. This is especially true for those who have had a difficult upbringing and whose parents and caregivers are unable to provide them with the support they need as they transition into adulthood.

One such group includes young adults who are aging out of the foster care program. At the age of 18, their caregivers are no longer legally responsible for their care. In some cases this results in these young people being left without a home and without emotional and financial support. Many of them are unable to maintain themselves and end up on the streets or in trouble with the law.

Two programs that work with young adults such as these are Uprising Yoga and Yoga for Youth. Each program teaches yoga and meditation  to young adults who are incarcerated. For many of them, it is their first exposure to yoga and also their first experience learning about centering themselves and developing their strength from within. (Another important program that introduces yoga and inspiration to middle school students is Uplift Yoga.)

Some of these young adults find this activity to be an important experience that they would like to continue, but once they are back on the streets, or back home in their usual environment, the support to continue a yoga and meditation practice does not exist. We have seen transitional homes for young adults such as these. Though well intended, they often focus on only the minimum essential skills – stabilize the living situation, write a resume, interview for a job, get a job (any job), and stay out of trouble. Life, however, demands so much more. A longer, deeper training that includes the inner and outer skills to grow into mature, stable adults is desperately needed.

Seva House proposes to provide a long term program that allows these young adults to develop the necessary skills for a successful future. In addition to room and board, we would endeavor to provide educational and job skill training, training in all aspects of yoga and meditation, interpersonal skill development, relationship counseling, financial education, confidence building and problem solving skills.

As a nonprofit organization, Seva House expects to include other projects as part of the fullness of its services. These may include day programs for women in need and for veterans suffering from post traumatic stress issues, a food pantry, a thrift store and other services to support the community.


The proposed site for Seva House is a 22-acre property on Triunfo Canyon Road. The large 8,000 square foot home that is on the property includes 9 bedrooms and bathrooms and is suitably zoned for this project.


1. Individuals and other organizations interested in helping to develop this project.

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